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I am a techno/gadget freak. I love almost anything that has to do with computers and software. I have an engineering background, but I haven't worked in that field for over 10 years. I married my wonderful husband in September 2004 and look forward to spending every single day of the rest of my life with him. I love cats and even call myself "Cat".


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Sweet Kinko

Hi everyone!  I have a layout that is special to me.  I made this a couple months ago for one of the layout tag challenges over at the Scraptures forum.  This one is of my sweet little baby, Kinko.  I got Kinko when she was just a tiny little fluff ball at only 4 months old.  She was so cute and cuddly.  She grew up to be a beautiful cat, albeit somewhat aloof until the last couple years.  Unfortuantely, she became ill very quickly and I had to make the choice to have her put to sleep in May of this year.  She was almost 17 years old.  I'm glad that I was able to give her her forever home.  I loved her as if she were my child and I really miss her. Here is the layout:

The cardstock base is SU, the patterned paper strips are scraps that I had in my stash. I can't remember the name of it off-hand (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but I also used a SU wheel stamp (unmounted of course) along the edge of the base. The black used for the picture mats is Recollections brand (Michaels house brand).  The flourishes, butterfly, and Title were cut using my Craft Robo on Wausau Exact Index 110lb scraps.  I don't recall if they're files I bought from the Silhouette store of if they're something I traced from an image I found. The paper flowers are from the dollar store & the brads are Recollections brand.

Isn't she pretty?  She had the most amazing green eyes and she would often just gaze up at me with such a dreamy look in her eye.

Well, that's all I wanted to share with you today.  I'll be back again soon with something else to show you. :)

Talk to you later...


Friday, November 09, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Cards

Hello again.  I'm back today to show you some cards I made for Breast Cancer Awareness month - which is October. I wanted to send these cards to the women that are important in my life and give them a gentle reminder that we need to take care of ourselves and that early detection is the key to surviving this ugly disease.

Here are my cards:

The images are digital stamps from Bugaboo stamps that I coloured with pencil crayons and oms and cut out with my Craft Robo using the print & cut feature. I also put some stickles on the images. All the cardstock and patterned paper is Recollections brand and the ribbon and rhinestones are from the dollar store.  The corner punch I used on the image mat is also from the dollar store. I used my Craft Robo to print & cut the tags with the sentiments. The inside sentiment says: "Have you felt yourself up lately? October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Give yourself a breast exam. Just do it!"

Other than that, I have been in a Christmas card making mood.  I'll post them after Christmas though 'cause I don't want the recipients to see them just yet. :)  I do have a little surprise for you.  I was fooling around making some digital papers, so I thought I would share them with you. They are 300dpi letter size papers, so they are perfect for printing and using just as you would any other patterned paper for your Christmas cards. Here is a preview:

I hope you can use them.  I had already picked out all my supplies for my cards, so I didn't get to use these papers.  Maybe for next years' cards, but more than likely I will have designed a whole bunch more papers to use. You can download them from here: CatScrapFever Christmas 2012 Papers.  Please leave a comment if you download them.  I would also really love to see any projects you make with them.  You can leave a link in a comment or contact me through the contact form on the right-hand side.

That's it for tonight.  Talk to you later...


Monday, November 05, 2012

A Scrapbook Page...

Hi all!  I'm back again to show you a scrapbook page I did a while ago for a layout tag challenge at Scraptures.ca.  I hadn't done a scrapbook page in a very long time.  I really like these challenges because they only happen once a month so I'm not under the gun to do a whole bunch of pages and they give me a theme or template to follow.  It works for me because then I don't have to think.  Life is better when I don't have to think. :)

So here is my layout:

Actually, in this photo the pictures are photoshopped in because just as I went to print my photos, my printer decided it was going to go kaput. The final version has these exact pictures and I added the date & place on the journaling spot, so it looks just like this photo.  I did finally get my printer working.  I thought it was the print head, so I ordered a new one that cost me $60.  Waited the 10 days for it to arrive only to find out it wasn't my print head.  The continuous ink supply system I have failed.  So I thought it was the resettable chips on the cartridges and ordered a new set of self-resetting chips.  Nope, not those either.  Its the actual ink tanks themselves that aren't working.  I don't know how that is, but I refilled an old set of ink tanks and reset the chips and it printed like new again.  Well, at least I have a back-up print head and a new set of self-resetting chips.  I need to find some new low volume tanks to fix the CISS.  If you have ever used a CISS and then had to go back to manually refilling your ink tanks, then you know what a pain in the ass it is.

I don't know what company makes the patterned paper I used on this layout since they were scraps I had left over from other projects.  The base cardstock is SU (don't know what colour), and the dark blue and white are Recollections from Michaels.  The embellishments are from the dollar store.  I used an EK Success punch to punch out the little crab and the pennants are just triangles cut from scraps.  I used a marker on plain white kitchen twine to make the twine the pennant is attached to.  I did use my Craft Robo to cut the wave shapes for the border along the bottom.

So that's all I have for today.  I have more projects I'll be showing you over the next little while - some cards and a few more scrapbook projects.  I hope you drop by again to see what I've been up to. :)

Talk to you later...


Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Couple Cards...

Hello all!  Well, its 2am and I can't sleep.  So I thought I'd stay up so that I could turn the clocks back.  I also wanted to share a couple cards I made recently.  They were for a One on One swap over on the Scraptures.ca board.  I was quite pleased with this first card.

I used an 8x8 paper pack I got at Michaels, created the rosette, used one of my roses I made with my Penny Duncan cut file and cut the tags with my Craft Robo.  Heck, I even pulled out the little sewing machine for this card.  I made a nice little box for it so it wouldn't get crushed in the mail - it even has an acetate window so you can see the card.  My husband thought the card was a real work of art, although he says that about most of my cards.  They have to be really ugly before he'll say anything negative about them.  He's sweet that way.  But all in all I thought the card turned out nice.  So I hurry off to the post office to get it in the mail so its not late for the swap, and was I ever hit in the face with reality.  Canada Post wanted almost $16 to send the card.  I was flabbergasted.  Well, I wasn't going to pay that much to send a card through the mail so I had to go home and re-think my design.  Of course I had left everything to the last minute.  So in order to get a design banged out quickly so the card could get to the recipient before the deadline, I turned to Pinterest.  Within 2 hours I had this next card:

I think its a cute card and it was easy to make.  I was just really ticked off that Canada Post wanted so much money to send the first card.  I guess, unless I am hand delivering or sending the card in a parcel, I will be making flat cards from now on.  I'll be damned it Canada Post is going to extort that much money from me to send a card.  No wonder they're crying about losing business.  I don't even send parcels anymore that often. The last one I sent was for my niece's birthday.  It cost me about $30 for the present and $25 to mail it. Ridiculous! I'll be using my bank's e-transfer and emailing money to my mom & sister for Christmas.  Its instant & free.  I'll probably send my niece something, but that's it.  I can't continue to pay as much, or more, than what the gifts are worth just to send them through the mail.

Ok rant over.

So that's it for today.  I have a few more projects that I've made in the last few weeks that I'll come back to show you.  Just need to take the time to edit the photos.

Well, talk to you later...

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