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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yeah!! The Weekend!!!

I live for the weekends. I'm so busy at work all the time I just need some quiet time. My job is very noisy. I'm constantly talking to people on the phone, then there's the printer printing orders or printing invoices. It just never stops. I use to take a break and get outside once in a while when I still smoked - I quit just over a year ago. But it seems now I don't bother taking my coffee breaks now that I don't smoke. And with my husband being off work for the last 6 months I usually bring my lunch & rarely go out of the office at lunch time as well. Soooo, when I get home I just want to sit in the dark with all the quiet and just relax. Then I get on the computer and just let my mind & my mouse take me where ever. That's the one thing from work that doesn't ruin my hobby because I'm on the computer all day at work.

To change the subject.... I've been working on a mother's day gift for, of course, my Mom. We only have the one baby in the family, my niece. So, naturally, my Mom adores her, but she doesn't get to see her very often because my sister lives in the maritimes and my Mom live in Manitoba. I have only seen my niece once in the last 3 1/2 years and that was last August for my sister's wedding. Anyway, back to the subject again... I decided to make my mother a CD Calendar. All I'm doing is scrapping pictures of my niece 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" (the size of a cd case) and making one layout for each month. Here is a couple I've done:

The May layout was done using the Pretty in Pink kit by Chari Class, and the June layout was done using the Fairy Wings & Butterfly Things kit by Blushbutter.

edit: I goofed on the credits :( The may layout was done using the Springtime kit. I downloaded the kit from scrapbook-bytes and the name on the kit is "kbyrom". There wasn't a TOU in the kit so I'm sorry, this is all I have for credits for this kit. The flower on the layout are from the Pretty in Pink kit by Chari Class. Sorry 'bout that.

I have another 4 months left to do. I had to use a nail file to file off some of the plastic stopper on the cd case so that it would swing around and stand up at the proper angle, but other than that its a pretty simple project.

I also found these luggage tag blanks that laminate a business card size piece of paper. I am going to print out small sizes of pictures of my niece and laminate them - probably about the size of a loonie - and then put them on a keychain for my mom. Then she can carry pictures of her everywhere.

For anyone who wants to make a CD calendar for their mother, here is the template I use for the months. Its a png file & it should be in the size of a cd cover. I use PSPX so I know the size is right in that program, but I haven't tested it using photoshop yet. Sorry, I don't know if will work in programs other than PSP or PS.

Download calendar template here

I hear the sounds of my husband stirring, so I'm gonna go have coffee with him now - I've only drank 3 cups, not quite maxed out yet.

Have a good day :)


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Vanessa said...

thank's for using my paper, I'm blushbutter btw, like your Calendar so far! Come try my new E-card sender! http://www.blushbutter.com/gcards/
it works like digital scrapbooking
take care nice reading about you! ;)

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