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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Life of a Boring Person

I haven't posted anything on this blog for over a year. I just don't have that much to say. The last year has been hard. My husband has been working for a year now - he had to quit his job last summer because he hurt himself at work and it was too physically demanding on him. He's actually clearing more money per month and working half the hours. So, we are very pleased with that and he really likes the job and it isn't physically demanding.

As far as my job goes, well lets see.... I just spent a year working with someone who was so lazy that I wanted to choke her. I wanted to quit my job so many times, but I hung in there and she finally quit - Thank God! My company created a new position for me (I had been offered another position and then somone else was hired before they told me they wanted me to stay as a CSR - really ticked me off). I am suppose to be the IT & Network Administrator. BUT, because we've had 3 people quit on the order desk in the last couple of months, I've been asked to take care of things there and get the new people trained again. It seems all I've been doing for the last year is training people for the order desk. The job is hard - very fast paced and dealing with our customers is not fun at all. As an example, one of our customers is a gift basket company. The woman who owns it thinks that when she calls, everything should be dropped and her order is number one priority. She is rude to the staff and totally unreasonable. I was closing up the other night and she called. She asked for the owner because she usually deals with him, but he was gone for the day. She started to tell me something but I didn't hear her, so I said "Excuse me". Then with this snotty attitude she says " I G-O-T O-N-E B-O-X A-N-D W-A-S C-H-A-R-G-E-D F-O-R O-N-E C-A-S-E" and she said it really slow like I was an idiot. I was so mad so I said "Excuse me, I speak english, I just didn't hear what you said" back to her in as snotty a voice as I could come up with. She kind of backed down at that point, but I was pretty short with her and told her the owner would call her in the morning. That's kind of the extreme of our customers, but alot of them are like this.

So anyway, I'll be training again for the next month or so before I can get back to my "real" job.

But on another topic... My 3 year wedding anniversary is on Tuesday. I can't believe it has gone by that fast. Since digiscrapcentral has closed its doors :( I haven't been sellling any of my designs. I kind of lost the momentum and motivation to design. I've taken up paper scrapbooking in the last year as well. I've posted the majority of my paper layouts at scrapbook.com. Here's a link to my gallery if you want to take a look:


I made a digital layout today to send to my friend of a couple of my wedding pictures. I used my Blue Romance kit. Here's the layout:

So as a reward for reading all the way to the bottom of this posting, I'm giving away the quickpage for this layout. Here is the link. Send me a link if you post something on line with it. I would love to see your work.

Ok, bye for now. It may be a while before I post again.....


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Lizzerd said...

happy anniversary, and thanks for the QP!! from a fellow Albertan (yahooo!)

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