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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wiggly Bum Card

Well, the Stampede is on right now, so that's why its been raining for the last couple days.  We had one heck of a hail storm yesterday.  I ran outside just before it started and got my tomato plants inside and then it really started.  The hail stones were the size of golf balls.  All I could do was watch them bounce off my car.  I was worried it might crack the sunroof and/or make dents all over my car.  My husband, Rob, had just left for work about 5 minutes before it all started and I thought that he was going to get hail damage to his truck.  But he was lucky enough to get cover under the canopy at the local gas station.  He looked at the vehicles when he got home and there was, thankfully, no damage to any of them.  Whew!
So I made a card yesterday.  I wanted to send a card about Stampede to my niece who has never been.  She lives out on the east coast.  She's only 9 so I wanted something funny.  I saw this technique a while ago on a site that sells commercially made cards, and then I saw the saying somewhere on a blog (sorry, don't know whose blog it was).  So here's a picture of the card:

The inside says "drive me nuts!", the entire sentiment reads "Cowboy butts drive me nuts!".  I thought is was very appropriate for Stampede week.  I made a little video of it so you can see the bum wiggle. :)

So that's it for today.  Have a great day!



Ruth said...

Yaaa Another Calgary Blogger! I found you from the SCS Blog thread, I love the card, it make me laugh out loud hehe.


BananaStamper said...

Hello Catwoman,
Love your wiggly bum card - so fun! I was visting the Canadian Blog thread at SCS and thought I'd pay a visit since I'm Canadian too! :)

Brandy Lees said...

Great card Cat! Makes me want to go back to Stampede!!!

Patricia said...

As a lifelong Virginian, I have to admit I have no idea what your Stampede is all about, but I'm guessing cowboys. Anyway, this card brought a smile to my face. Very clever getting it to be an action card!

Meg said...

Ha, that's adorable!! Love those wiggly butts!!

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