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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My First Product Review

Every once in a while I take a little stroll through the craft section at Walmart.  Usually, there isn't anything much since they've really downsized the department. Occasionally there will be the odd Martha Stewart punch on clearance (I love my edge punches), but about a month ago I found this product I hadn't seen before.  Its called Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (I'll refer to it as DM).  I have a few of these types of products already that really didn't work the way I wanted them to or the way the info claimed they would.  And for the price of this one bottle (about $3.50) I thought if it doesn't live up to its claim, then I can at least use it as glue.  Well, I'm really liking this product.  I tried it out the other day on a card with a picture of car.  I wanted to put something on the headlights so they would look like glass and thought this stuff would do the trick.  It worked just as I wanted it to.  The little headlights are little bubbles.  I was really really pleased with the results.  Here's a picture of the image laying down so you can see the dimension:

As you can see, the DM kept its shape and made little clear domes on the headlights of my little race car.  Here's a picture of a finished card with the same image (but coloured a different colour):

cardstock:  SU! (black), Bazzill (red), Dollar store (silver), Staples (white)
stamp:  Dollar store (sentiment), 
Car (downloaded free colouring page) coloured with Prismacolor pencil crayons & oms
brads:  SU!

Then, I started to wonder if I could make my own dew drops  (or rain drops, or skittles, or whatever they're called).  I put small drops of the DM on a piece of acetate and let it dry over night.  The one thing I noticed that, this time, wasn't a big deal, but I couldn't control the size of the drip of glue coming out of the bottle.  I wanted to try making tiny little drops.  I have this picture of a rose with dew drops and was thinking I could use this on the dew drops, but if I can't get them that small it won't work.   So, after letting the drops dry over night on the acetate, the little drops flattened out somewhat.  I think they flattened because the acetate is a little slippery, whereas paper has a more tooth to it so the DM has something to hang on to and can keep its shape better on paper. But they were nicely shaped and a nice size.  I was making another card, so I coloured a few with a copic marker to match my card.  They took the colour nicely.  I did put on two coats since it does go on a little light.  I'm sure you could use any alcohol ink - which I happen to have a few brand new bottles of that I haven't used yet so I might have a bunch of new little embellies in colours to match my cards.   Here's the card I made with the coloured dew drops:

cardstock & pp:  SU!, Dollar store (silver), Staples (white)
stamp:  Studio G (sentiment), 
Race Horse & Jockey (downloaded free colouring page) coloured with Copic markers

I used a teeny little bit of DM on the end of a pin to glue the dots down.  And that stuff really grabs fast and sticks well.  That's why the top one is a little crooked - I couldn't slide it over after I put it on the glue.  But that might be because its gluing to the same glue the dot is made of.  I'll see if I use a different kind of glue if I can get a little wiggle time.

So, as you might be able to tell, I'm pretty impressed with this product so far.  I've only found the few things I mentioned to be the only negatives about this product.  I think I can alleviate the problem of not being able to control the drip size by putting one of those super fine metal glue tips on the bottle.  I have a spare and will try that out sometime in the next little while and let you all know how it work.  I'm going to see if using wax paper will help it keep its shape better also when making the dew drops.

Well, that's all for now.  If you need some new stuff to add to your collection, give this stuff a try.  Just so you know what to look for when you go to get it, here's a picture of what the bottle looks like:

Talk to you later...



Anonymous said...

Very cool Cat. Well worth the $.

Ter ;)

Crafty Creations said...

That's awesome Cat! Thanks for reviewing this product!!! The cards are terrific!! LOVE the one with the horse :)

Ruth said...

Hi Cat! Looks great!

For tiny dew-drop sized beads try using a self healing mat (because it's not slippery like acetate and you can still "pop" dried glue off of it) and a pin to drop a smaller amount down instead of relying on the bottle's nozzle. Alternatively you could apply the drops wet with a pin to the flower and let them dry right on the flower.

Take a look at some of the tools used with faux stain glass (also found at walmart and also sold in bottles the same size as your DM) not just the stains and "iron" but the application tools. They have tips that fit over the ends of those bottles that give you much more control over the flow of the liquid.

Good luck, and don't give up!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the review Cat! Love the cards!

Tracie said...

What a fantastic idea. I am off to Walmart to buy some. Thanks so much for sharing.

Patricia said...

So this stuff is basically like the "crystal" products - Crystal Lacquer, Crystal Effects, etc.? I think it's neat that you made your own dew drops with it! The convertibles look great, too.

CatWoman said...

To Patricia: As far as I know, Crystal Effects and Crystal Lacquer don't keep their dimension so will dry flat unless you put on several coats. This stuff goes on like a bead and stays that way. Its really neat stuff. :)

Laurie Wilson said...

Wow, the coloring on the race horse is fabulous! Beautiful card colors and design too.

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