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Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Nail Art attempt...

I've been having problems sleeping the last couple nights, so I've been watching you-tube videos on nail art.  I tried out one of the tutorials because it looked so pretty  and I had the basic colours and embellishements. Here's a picture of how it turned out.

The base blue needs to be lighter, but this is what I had already.  Basically, you put on your base coat colour, then with a little darker colour (purple in this case) sponge on some colour about 1/2 way down the nail, then with the darkest colour (cobalt blue) just sponge the tip.  This gives a nice gradient effect.  I let my nails dry, then I put glitter polish over it, concentrating the glitter near the tip of the nail at the darkest colour and let that dry.  I dug out some sequins I have and used the little centres for glitter and some of my tiny rhinestones.  To attach the little sequins, I used a wooden skewer tip dipped in a little top coat then touched the sequin/rhinestone and placed it on my nail.  I guess I should mention, I put a top coat on and was putting the sequins & rhinestones on while it was still wet.  Once I got everything in place and the way I liked it, I put on another layer of the top coat to seal the sequins and rhinestone.

There are thousands of you-tube videos on nail art and I'm finding it fun to have pretty nails again.  Its been so long since I've grown my nails out.  My old nail polish is getting used again. :)

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be posting up a few past projects this weekend, so come by again and take a peek.  I think I might actually get into my craft room this weekend and try do a couple scrapbook pages.  I have a couple ideas floating around and there's a couple sketches I want to give a try.

Talk to you later...


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Lisa said...

Hi Cat! I have missed you and am happy to see your post. I am loving your nail art! I rarely do anything with mine because I don't like them long but I must admit, yours sure look pretty so if you are taking clients maybe I could be persuaded!!! ;) Take care <3 Lisa

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