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Friday, October 08, 2010

Jasmine's Crafts

My niece is a talented little girl and she loves doing crafts.  Every once in a while I send her a bunch of craft stuff that I pick up for her, or stuff that I'm not using.  I usually have a box under my table that I keep the stuff in and when it gets full, or its a special occasion like her birthday I send her the box. Well, for her birthday this past summer, I sent her a bunch of stamping stuff.  I bought a stamp kit at Walmart and it was really nice. There were I think 8 stamps sets and a few other things.  I pulled out a bunch of paper from my huge stash and sent her a whole whack of patterned paper and card stock and some ribbon, embellies, and ink pads I wasn't using.  She loves it.  So now, we have crafting dates over the internet via Skype (my family uses Skype a lot to keep in touch).  So, I told Jasmine that I would post her projects on my blog so she can show the world her creations too - just like her aunty.

This is Jasmine's first project we did together over Skype.  Its a little gift bag/box.  I think she did amazingly well with it considering I was giving her verbal instructions and trying to show her over the webcam how to do it.



She used a stamp I had sent her on the front (the teddy bear - from the dollar store) and she coloured in a stamped image I sent her.

I think she did a fabulous job.  If you have a minute, please leave her a comment.  She's only 9 and I know it will thrill her to death to know people are looking at her crafts.

Have a great day!


UPDATE:  Here is what Jasmine wrote in an email to me:

 something amazing
today i cheked your blog and seen the comments they where AMAZING. i am so so so happy about the nice comments that people said about my crafts 
 from jasmine

Thanks everyone who commented on Jasmine's crafts.  I'll be posting more in the future. 


Lisa said...

Well done Jasmine! Your mom is going to treasure this --it's so pretty!!

Lynn said...

That is lovely Jasmine and your mom will adore it. What a lucky girl you are to have a generous Aunty. It is great to see someone so young craft and enjoy it. x

Patricia said...

You did a really nice job on this, Jasmine! I bet it's fun being able to create things with your aunt.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Jasmine! Keep up the good work...and keep having fun with your Aunty!!!
Mary Fran

Celia said...

Cat, you're a great aunt - the sort every girl wants to have! And Jasmine, your bag is absolutely gorgeous! I hope your mum liked it! (I'm sure she did!)

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