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Saturday, October 09, 2010

So, I Caved Today....

I had a 50% off coupon for Michaels, so I used it to get:

Its not as heavy as I thought it was.  I tried a couple different ones before (a big yellow clunker) and they were really heavy and hurt my wrists when they flopped over to the side.  It could be that my wrists aren't as bad with carpal tunnel as they were before since I've been off work for so long now.  There are a couple of Michaels stores within about 15 minutes driving between stores and my house, so I think I'll take a couple more 50% off coupons and get some refills while I have the coupons.  I can't believe how much more they charge at Michaels in Canada for these things.  This gun is about $30 in the states, but was $54.99 here. That's why I never buy anything at Michaels (except the $1.50 stuff) without a coupon.  I think I'll try to limit myself now to when they offer 50% off coupons.  I had tried to put off my purchases before to when they were offering the 50% off coupons, but it seemed just as I decided to do that, they didn't have one for months and months and all they were offering were the 40% coupons.  Really, I have soooo much stuff I should be ashamed of myself for wanting to buy more and thinking I can't make another thing unless I go shopping.  Oh yeah, I bought some more card stock.  Like I need that like I need another hole in my head. :)  I've been using Tombow dry adhesive runners and, honestly, that stuff sucks the big one.  I have a card here that I made only about a month ago with the Tombow and its already fallen apart.  I had to go and re-glue a couple albums of scrapbook pages I put together using that glue.  It was getting expensive cause I had to use so much of it to get things to stick.

Well, anyway.  Wanted to share my new toy with you all.  I'll post a picture of something as soon as I use it to make something.

Talk to you later...


P.S.  Have you checked out the sketch challenge at CDAC that A Day for Daisies is sponsoring.  You have until the 20th to join in and you get a free image to work with.  Go check it out:  CDAC  You'll need to register - but that's free, then just look under the Challenges to find it.   See ya there!


Laura said...

Oh You are going to love this gun.I got mine about a month ago.I have been using glue sticks before my adhesive gun.And I will never go back.Oh and I didn't know they had this gun at Michaels.

ThePurplePlace said...

I recently added one of these to my craft stash and so fun I like it. It's larger than I expected, but very light, which is good for me!

I think in the long term it will save money, but time will tell!


Jennifer Scull said...

I just got mine a week ago and LOVE it!!! I hope you are having fun playing with yours! :)

afdish said...

I just ordered one of these, too, yesterday! I'm happy to finally have decided to give this a try. Hope you both you and I love it as much as most people do.

- afdish

Catrick said...

Just finished making my son #2's wedding invitations. I was using the glue runners but I stopped at $25.00 (at the dollar store no less) and I was still needing more.

Off to Michael's with my coupon and it is so fast once you get the hang of it. I did find that the General Purpose tape rolls are crappy. I will stick with the Acid Free ones.

I too, am a "cat"!


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